“Do you drink jamu yourself?” — I asked the head of Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control bapak Sampurno.

“Yes, I take stuff based on temulawak regularly, — he answered. — This immunostimulant not only helps me never fall ill but also raises my capacity for work”.
Напиток из темулавака 1 

The interview with Sampurno is below, and now – a little more about temulawak, because this man presides over the national “Drink temulawak!” movement.
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This great idea to promote temulawak was first pronounced by the previous president of Indonesia Megawati Sukarnoputri.

As many other useful ideas pronounced by this lady this one remained an idea only. It seems, that the daughter of the founding father of the country (and of Megawati herself, of course!) was quite sure that she inherited her post by right and this success was quite enough to rest on her laurels waiting while everything will improve by itself. And by itself only. That’s why the symposium in Bogor that I’ve told you about was the first real step in this direction.
Temulawak was chosen the main topic because it’s used as the main ingredient in 179 of 609 jamu that she has checked, says professor of Bogore Agricultural Institute Latifa K. Darusman who presided the symposium.
Темулавак - стебель

That’s from the brochure published by the Agency:
Темулавак Д

Темулавак Ф
… that can be somehow useful for specialists.
(A reader of my Russian blog manay_vanay writes on this topic: “molecules of turmeric contain a lot of double bonds that effectively suppress radical processes in the cells and in the organism. That’s how all USEFUL effects come”).
And now as I’ve promised the story about controlling and certificating jamu.
“We divide traditional medicines into three groups: jamu as such (ingredients that were found empiritically), standartized medicines made from herbs and phitopharmacy», — tells us Sampurno.
Several factors can explain the popularity of jamu, he thinks.
First of all, most of them are used as preventive measures, means to keep vitality of the organism, that’s simply profitable to use them instead of spending money on doctors and medicines.
Secondly, many kinds of jamu are antioxidants what raises their utility for the organism.
At last, jamu are made of plant and other natural components (in Indonesia it’s prohibited to add drastic chemicals in jamu) and so they as opposed to the latter have no side effects, underlines the head of the department.
In 2001 the Agency was removed from the Ministry of Health and is now under the authority of the President. It improved immediately both its work and the professionalism of its stuff, he says.
More than 3000 people work in the Department, including 1200 in Jakarta, ¼ of them are occupied with jamu. Others work in 26 laboratories spread around the country.
Cooperation with the universities and research centers in the field of development f new medicines is another important sector of their work
Lab MT

“Nowadays there are about 11,000 certified sorts of traditional medicines in Indonesia, and only 1/10 is imported (mainly from China)”, — Sampurno says.
“An enterprise receives a license only after the Department has inspected it. And it’s not the end. The quality and the ingredients of a preparation are controlled during unexpected inspections and also through check purchases”.
Продавец джаму

But… it’s not always so successful. As Indonesian mass-media reported this March that in Jambi (Sumatra) more than 20 people died because of a tonic produced by a local plant. 


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